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18 Stu 2016 | 15:42

PARTNERS – key element of REXPO 2016 success

F.O. / Development is the REXPO 2016 Trade Fair partner and co-organizer of the panel titled: “How Realistic…

15 Stu 2016 | 08:15

REXPO 2016 – velika investitorska imena u Zagrebu traže poslovne prilike

The golden sponsor of this year’s edition of REXPO is a Turkish investment company Global Ports Holding, whose…

14 Stu 2016 | 14:43

Rexpo news

The owner and founder of the Coress Capitala, a large investment manager with the headquarters in Ireland, Mr Dilip…

29 Lis 2015 | 18:19

Rexpo 2015

Rexpo 2015, the fourth edition of the International Fair for Investment Projects, has been visited today by the…